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How to talking to our children

Talking to our children should not be difficult, but sometimes, depending on their age, it is because they are in that trance where they think they know absolutely everything and parents do not necessarily have the answers. 

Through my training as a Zoly Teacher and Coach, I learned and continue to learn how to talk to my children to gain their trust and create a communication space where they can say everything they feel and think without criticism or judgment.

For me, the most important thing is that they can express themselves without feeling afraid to say things or express themselves freely. I know that sometimes it is a little tricky because we tend to give advice in a scolding way or from the point of view of an adult, but if we put aside the criticism or the "I told you so,” communication is more pleasant because they feel more confident. 

We must be open to hearing anything or any comment, and here I tell you that you must put aside your beliefs and understand that the new generations are not attached to the experiences that may be important to us. Of course, there must always be respect between the two and make them understand why there are rules in the family and why they must be respected, but always from the understanding and not from the force, because that is where they close themselves and look for answers elsewhere. 

We also have to put ourselves in their shoes due to the social pressure of social media; it makes them feel more insecure, and I think that on most occasions, we should understand them and validate their emotions instead of telling them, "Don't be like that," "don't cry," "don't give them the pleasure of," etc... Not validating their emotions makes them not live that experience and, by not living it then they cannot understand it, to be able to work on it.  

Opening ourselves to listen to their opinions, respecting them, and talking about how to look at life differently helps them feel more self-confident and know that they have someone very close to them willing to help and listen without criticism or judgment. It also allows us to communicate better with them and ourselves as parents. 

MZ Alexandra Morales (MZ Sananda)


Master Zoly of Zolemgeh Estrella Formation

Angelical Life Coach 

Consultant in Therapies with The Creator (TEC)

KRYSTAL & CRISTIC Reiki Therapist and Healer 

Consultant and Speaker

Instagram: @fitandbeholistic.chiec.emi

Facebook: Integral Holistic Center CHIEC Fit & Be Holistic

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