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Holistic Preparation's Workshops
Channeler and Facilitator: Master Zolemgeh Estrella

What differentiates us from other Coaches?
"The Angelical Life Coaches of our  Zolemgeh Estrella Formation, channel the information that we provide to our receivers from The Powerful Father-Mother God".

Master Zolemgeh Estrella

Preparation and Initiation: Complete program to become an Angelical Life Coach - ALC

Duration: 418 hours in 3 levels, which includes Consulting, Support Materials and follow-up (Coaching).


You can take this preparation by Levels, for your comfort and, in each one, you will obtain a COMPLETE Holistic Preparation:

1. KRYSTAL Reiki Therapist-Healer and CHRIST Reiki, in which, you are prepared to handle Charts that read 3 Powerful Archives: the subconscious mind, the Akashic Records and the DNA Molecules of the different bodies, minds and thoughts; giving us the opportunity to Cleanse, Heal and Reprogram your life and, that of your family members to an impressive level.

It helps eliminate the shadows and energies of traumatic experiences experienced in the different stages of various lives.

A COSMIC Healing Room is used with preparation of KRISTAL Reiki and CRIST Reiki, where the Doctors of Heaven Heal with Their Beloved Presences.

From this level, you will be able to channel the Angels, Archangels and Star Masters, Who Are the Ones Who Cleanse, Heal and Reprogram, through this Powerful Cleansing and Healing Tool, yourself, your family and your recipients, receiving good remuneration, from this first level of Holistic Training.

It is a Wonderful Opportunity for Inner Growth!

2. TEC-LSR Comprehensive Holistic Consultant, in which you advance even further in your previous preparation and discover things in yourself that you did not know before, taking greater advantage of your gifts, virtues and experiences.

You are prepared to receive the WARRIORS Reiki of Rainbow Light.

You are taught to manage Holistic Medicine and Nutrition Charts at an Advanced Level, using Graphics.

The 3 Archives: the subconscious mind, the Akashic Records and the DNA Molecules are Cleansed, Healed and Reprogrammed at an Advanced Level.

It is a Wonderful Opportunity for Advanced Inner Growth!

3. ANGELICAL Life Coach, in which you are prepared with MELQUISEDEC Reiki, to work at a VERY ADVANCED Level of interior, group and Planetary Healing.

You Clean, Health and Reprogram planetary matrices rooted in you and your family, helping in the same way to Clean, Heal and Reprogram the planet.

In this preparation, you are already considered an ANGELICAL Coach, since you have the appropriate Professional Training to channel the Angels, Archangels and Star Masters, Who Cleanse, Heal and Reprogram the planet through you and your receptors, at a Even more ADVANCED level.

It is a Wonderful Opportunity to Obtain an Advanced Holistic Profession!

You will receive: Certificates, initiations, and support materials for each Level you receive.

​Method: Online (Virtual Room).

Hours: We are teaching different Workshops at the same time, day or night, in English or Spanish, for your convenience.

Channeler and Coordinator: Master Zolemgeh Estrella.

Duration: From 6 months to 1 year, depending on when you take all Levels.

Facilitators: Zoly Masters, certified in different countries, professionals in various areas, and trained/initiated by Master Zolemgeh Estrella, with several years of preparation, initiations, and practices.

To contact our Zolys Teachers who will prepare you in one of these Holistic Training Levels, select the one that resonates most with you, in the session: Our Holistic Centers.

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