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Meditating in Nature

Our Mission

Chiec - EMI


“We are creators of solutions for the Community, where we provide everything it needs, to develop people deserving of the Power of Light and Love, excellent holistic professionals, empowered women, upright and prepared mothers-fathers, couples with healthy relationships, children and adolescents with values; that is, healthy beings physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Guiding them towards an empowered and promising future, with guaranteed success, raising their Consciousness Levels to live on the New Earth”.






        Through Integral Healing: Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit, we prepare participants in various professional areas, in the field of Integral Holistic Health.

           We bring Integral Healing to everyone who needs it on the planet, helping with their needs, from the most basic to the most complex.

       We provide preparation to the community in various areas of inner growth, being at the forefront with the formation of the New Earth.

What do we provide to the community?

           Our Integral Entrepreneurial Holistic Centers provides information to help participants obtain assistance, preparation, healing, entertainment and equilibrium through a series of unique techniques, allowing them to raise levels of consciousness, increase good vibes, heal, grow, evolve, and ascend. Through Light, Love, and Integrity thatb we all are.


         We provide the famous Methodologies, Tools and Training from the Zolemgeh Estrella Formation.


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