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Workshops to become an
Angelical Life Coach

"755 hours of Professional Training"
Channeler and Facilitator: Master Zolemgeh Estrella

Excellent start to a high-scope professional career such as the ANGELICAL LIFE COACH .

You can enroll by Levels, being KRYSTAL Reiki Therapist, the first level.


Or, if you choose to attend the entire Program, you can make 3 payments, one per Level, for your convenience.

What differentiates us from other Coaches?
"The Angelic Life Coaches of our  Zolemgeh Estrella Formation, channel the information that we provide to our receivers, from The Powerful Hands and Guides of Father Mother God".
Zolemgeh Estrella

Assistant Facilitators:

Zoly Masters who have been initiated and prepared by Angelical Life Coach Master Zolemgeh Estrella

The Zolemgeh Estrella Formation has been characterized by being one of the best and most complete in the world and its objective is to bring Holistic Therapies and Healings in the form of inner and outer Balance, to each person who prepares as an Angelic Coach of Life.

The Zolemgeh Estrella Formation offers you a range of 3 complete Levels, to prepare yourself as an ANGELICAL LIFE COACH   and additional Training Workshops as Zolys Masters; which will provide you with Powerful Holistic Tools, so that you have a SOLID and RELIABLE BASE as a professional in each of these links.

The Workshops that we describe below, are the complete range of preparation that will allow you to receive remuneration for each level in which you prepare. You should always start with the Level: KRYSTAL Reiki Therapist and continue your preparation by levels, so that you can become a TEC and LSR Integral Holistic Consultant, until you complete your Professional Training as an ANGELICAL LIFE COACH.

Once prepared in these 3 Powerful Levels, you can continue your preparation as a ZOLY MASTER, in which you will be able to impart the 3 Levels mentioned above to third parties and continue preparing yourself to earn better income, with greater professional preparation.

NOTE: Prices are in US dollars. Workshops are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time (Miami, Florida).​

KRYSTAL Reiki Therapist

Level 1  (111 hours)

​Worth: $1.100,00

Pre-requisite: Be over 18 years old

It is a wonderful opportunity that only you can give yourself to Cleanse, Heal, Reprogram and Balance your bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

You will receive Techniques, Tools, Sacred Symbology (Geometry), exercises and meditations focused for this purpose.

We will teach you to plan your new life, from the certainty and empowerment of resources that will always accompany you from now on.

The Workshops that we offer in our Training are more practical than theoretical.

Particularly, at this level, KRYSTAL REIKI THERAPIST WORKSHOP, we teach you how to balance your 5 bodies, how to clean and reprogram them; How to heal and reprogram your emotions.

We give you information and practice on how the mind plays an important role in your decisions, we give you tools to heal your beliefs, deprogramming the old ones and all the limitations that are continually repeated, reprogramming them into total successes; as well as, the ancestral situations that we bring from several lives.

We provide you with tools that work in excellence, so you learn how to forgive and be forgiven.

We show you how the mind and thoughts work, how to reprogram the subconscious mind so that you attract what you deserve in your life. We give you information on how the Alchemy of Manifestation works in us and how to take advantage of this gift, that God gave us to manifest and obtain what we want in our life.

We teach you how to work the spiritual body so that you grow and evolve.


We teach you Powerful Sacred Geometry to cleanse your chakras, your 5 main bodies, the 5 Energetic Triangles of the body and your aura; as well as, your house, car, pets, nature, the environment, your office and more...

We teach you the Powerful Sacred Tool of Cosmic Healing, as through Sacred Geometry, we place people in the Healing Chamber so that the Doctors of Heaven, Whom we assist, come and heal them, being able to receive minor or major etheric surgeries, as required by recipients.


We teach you to work on a stretcher, so that, being a tremendous KRYSTAL Reiki Holistic Therapist and a Cosmic Healer, you can work and receive remuneration, helping so many people who need to be healed of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, where you will be a Channel of the Doctors of Heaven, feeling joy and happiness, offering your energy of Light and Love to people close to you: your family, friends, relatives, your environment, animals, nature, children, adolescents, elders, the Community and the planet.

Integral Holistic Consultant TEC & LSR (Therapies with The Creator)

Level 2  (333 hours) 

​Worth: $2.600.00

Pre-requisite: Complete the first level: Krystal Reiki Therapist.

You will first receive Initiation as a Rainbow Light Warrior, which will prepare you with powerful tools to serve as a Lightworker of Archangel Michael on the planet Earth-Gaia and at the Service of the Immaculate Star Source.

Then, as a second step, you will receive Initiation as a Holistic Therapist in Therapies with The Creator, TEC, and this will be the beginning of an important stage that will bring great changes to your life, since you will learn to cleanse, unblock, heal and reprogram your bodies or areas, which are: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric; additionally, your areas, processes and projects, being guided from The Hands of the Creator and the Stellar Masters.

With this new knowledge, you will be able to start a new job as a Holistic Therapist since you will be a Healing Channel of the Archangel Raphael and other Stellar Masters, who heal from a cell to everything that is as a Being, eradicating from the root, everything  that prevents you from being at 100%. Achieving this in you, your family, friends and relatives.

In the Third step, you will obtain Initiation as an Integral Holistic Consultant in Therapies with The Creator, TEC. This Powerful preparation implies a greater commitment; since, as a participant, it will provide you with Powerful Tools and Techniques to help you in your inner healing process and take you to a higher level of performance, in order to achieve an excellent functioning of your light work, as well as your cleanings and deep reprogramming for your 33 bodies, 90 minds, thoughts, Akashic Records, DNA molecules and more.

It is an unrepeatable opportunity to raise Consciousness Levels helping your family, friends, recipients and the planet in the same way.

In the Fourth stage, you will obtain Initiation as an LSR Holistic Therapist, developing Powerful Techniques to Cleanse, Heal and Reprogram the Akashic Archives and the DNA molecules of your 4 bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental).

These work in the form of Comprehensive Holistic Therapies and Healings in both powerful archivers of these 4 bodies, with the aim of achieving a deep Healing, which is obtained by cleaning and healing the interpretations that have left the traumatic experiences and the vicissitudes lived that are registered in the book of our lives; transforming and reprogramming them into Perfect Health, Successes, Peace and Inner Harmony.

Angelical Life Coach 

Level 3  (311 hours, including Coaching)

​Worth: $1.700.00

Pre-requisite: Complete the 2nd level of ​Integral Holistic Consultant TEC & LSR (Therapies with The Creator).

A very important level as an Angelic Healer and Coach, considering that the Initiates are the best and most advanced Healers on the Planet, because when working on a stretcher, combining the Sacred Geometry learned so far, with Integral Holistic Healings, Therapies and Consultancies and, what you will learn in this level, you will obtain multiple healing and coaching alternatives.

Firstly, you will start as a Cristic Healer, handling very Powerful Sacred Geometry, to Heal people, groups, families, ancestors and the planet.

In the second step, you will be initiated as a Priest and Priestess of Melchizedek, who are Beings prepared to bring Light from their Heart Center, receive the teachings that will prepare them to sow the solid foundations of an ANGELICAL LIFE COACH.

The Priests and Priestesses of Melchizedek heal with their very presence no matter where they visit (in person, holographic or with their mind). On the other hand, they travel to the center of the planet to continue with their preparation from the Stellar Masters and receive at the same time, the teachings that according to their own mission and the Divine Plan, will lead them to Be a Worker of Light and for Planetary Love.

As a third Initiation, the participant will be prepared as ANGELICAL LIFE COACH, to guide, orient and help other people to obtain balance in their areas, processes and projects; advising them on how to maintain a Balance in their bodies, minds, emotions, thoughts, soul, Spirit, love, health, exercises, abundance, prosperity and connection with God, among others.

The difference between a Life Coach and an Angelic Life Coach of this Formation is that all the preparation comes from The Powerful Hands and Mind of Father Mother God, whose advice is UNLIMITED and infallible; since, we work from the Mission entrusted by Them towards all those who receive them.

At all Levels, you will obtain Advice (Professional Coaching), support material in the form of books and practices, for a better professional development.


The Value of the complete Program, which includes the 3 Levels, with its Powerful Initiations, Consulting or Professional Coaching, practices, support material, books and others, is $5,400.00.

After this powerful preparation, you will be able to continue training in various areas or steps as a ZOLY MASTER, to offer the 3 Levels of Advanced Professional Workshops on Healing and Comprehensive Holistic Therapies of the Zolemgeh Estrella's Training.

Zolys Masters are chosen by Father Mother God to fulfill her Divine Purpose on planet Earth-Gaia.

We have discounts for prompt payment, please check the prices in the Store to take advantage of them.

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