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What is the Personal Coaching Club?

The Personal Coaching Club is an Annual Personalized Program, where the participant has a number of benefits, just by paying a monthly fee.

A Coach specialized in the Program you choose will take you by the hand so that you can organize your life in 8 different stages or areas, to strengthen them, get the best out of it and in this way, obtain the long-awaited success in your life. Additionally, it will help you in your personal approach to increase the positive impact of each area in your life, thanks to  powerful guided advice, by professionals prepared for the Program you choose.

Benefits that we offer you for your Personalized Coaching, for each month:

  • A Comprehensive Holistic Therapy (TEC or LSR AAK and DNA), of 2 hours.

  • The healings you require, at a distance.

  • Energetic cleansing, alignment and closure of the aura.

  • 8 hours of counseling to balance the 8 areas of your life, including: Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.

  • Attendance at the Healing Circles, every week.

According to the Plan you choose, you will also get:

  • 8, five minute calls every month.

  • 1 Masterclass .

  • 1 talk regarding your needs or requirements.

  • 15% discount on talks, workshops, products and additional programs offered by the CHI.EC.

Why Angelic Coaching

is it different and effective?

The tools used in this Coaching have been channeled directly from the hands of the Creator Father, with the endorsement of The Zolemgeh Estrella Training, with 22 years of experience and more than 22,000 people satisfied with these powerful Techniques. From which the Angelic Coaching Program has been designed  so, you get the success you deserve… NOW!

Explanation of some of the applied therapies:
Therapies TEC - CHIEC

Integral Holistic  Therapies TEC

The Holistic Integral Therapies TEC works in any area, process or project that the person has a weakness and wants to strengthen, heal or balance; to keep vibrating high and flowing in: health, love, fixing a dysfunctional relationship, having a successful divorce, freeing yourself from ancestral family burdens, promoting a new project, increasing wealth in various areas, unloading or unlocking, etc.


The Integral Holistic Therapies TEC works in all the archives that we have in our body, being considered the only Holistic Therapy that can work directly with them; cleaning, healing and reprogramming traumatic experiences, emotions and any situation known or unknown, that we remember or not and that we want to heal from the root. After cleaning, healing and reprogramming these files, it is difficult for a person to carry on with these vicissitudes, situations, locks, schedules, loads and the like.


The Cosmic Healings work together with the Integral Holistic Therapies TEC, since, once the root for which the receiver accepted to have these vicissitudes, blockages, programs and the like has been cleaned, healed and reprogrammed, the Help of Doctors from Heaven is required. These enter the organs, systems, glands, cells and molecules of the recipient persons, healing them completely and in turn, healing any sign of unhealth in the recipient. These Healings are Miraculous and the Testimonies confirm it.


The Holistic Integral Therapies TEC and Cosmic Healings were channeled by the Angelic Master Life Coach Zolemgeh Estrella more than 22 years ago, obtaining a range of testimonies from more than 22,000 satisfied people and with a magnificent accumulated experience that show how powerful, fast and effective these two wonderful techniques are; which have been designed to HEAL any area of ​​the life of the participant-recipient, with the Angelic Help and the Doctors from Heaven, achieving EXCELLENCE in all the processes they are involved in, so that they feel satisfied with their goals and with the life you have chosen to live.


We invite you to witness this magical experience.


In addition, with your registration you will receive the book ¨Finding your winner balance ¨ in PDF totally free

Find Your Inner Balance Book - Zolemgeh Estrella


Written and produced by Master Angelic Life Coach Zolemgeh Estrella

Find Your Inner Balance Book Back - Zolemgeh Estrella

“Finding your Inner Balance will help the reader to prepare for their Individual Ascension and with it, collaborate with the Planetary Ascension.


Finding your Inner Balance has been written with the purpose of imparting the information and help that is required to achieve the balance of your four main bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; where you will find tools to unlock, free yourself, control your emotions, heal relationships, among others; whether you are a Healer, Therapist, Warrior or Messenger of Light.


INCLUDES: 29 practical exercises and a notebook to do them; to help you organize and plan your life; be and stay in Balance and equilibrium in its main areas (Love, finances, recreation, family, intimate relationships, thoughts, food, etc.), unblock and heal its 4 main bodies; as well as to plan your New Life, after the change generated by the use of these tools.


I am Archangel Leailel, in the service of the Light. "

CHIEC Calendar

Due to the duration of each Comprehensive Holistic Therapy, the energy management that these entail, the meticulous dedication of each Coach to their recipient, the hours of counseling required for their follow-up, the exclusive and personalized attention that each person who participates in this receives. We have limited places, so we recommend that you sign up and start realizing your dreams and main goals.


We are waiting for you, book your space NOW!

 The steps to register in the Coaching Club are:

1. Read the Rules and fill out the Form that I am attaching, in the Rules and Enrollment button.


2. Choose the Plan that best suits your requirements and make the payment.


3. We will assign you a specialized Coach, who will interview you and help you answer your questions; In this way, you can obtain the spectacular and successful results that you deserve in this new phase of your life.


All Plans were designed for different types of requirements and most are 1-year Programs, unless you choose the Fast 4 Plan, for 4 months.


In all the Programs that we offer you, we will work with you day by day, until you improve the different areas of your life.


You deserve it! We look forward to it!

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